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Room for rent - mini apartment for rent - office for rent at district 1

Offering hotel rooms & serviced apartments for rent in the center of Ho Chi minh city, Vietnam

The living art home 73B Calmette in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam is offering hotel rooms and full-serviced apartments of 2 to 3 star quality (not 4 or 5 star) in 73 B Calmette, district 1 just 400 m away from Ben Thanh market. Price: 9 USD-69 USD/day/2-4 people, $150 - $800 / month, 28m2 to 100 m2, High commission for real estate agents and for travel agents.

Our apartments are of cosy home-alike/city-flat style and are located in a neo-classic and artistic building with classical and contemporary furniture and pictures, mini bar, fresh flowers, silk and egyptian cotton bed clothes and separated kitchen area, wifi, cable TV, new LCD, balcony and windows. The Living art home 73B Calmette is designed and managed by a selected team of local Vietnamese artists; international artists, contemporary designers; by interdisciplinary thinkers and business practitioners. All of our home management team is in charge of making our guests more than happy.

Video about 73 B Calmette:

High commission for travel agents and for real estate agents

1. Day : 14$/day or more
2. Week : 89$/week or more
3. Month: 330$/month or more

Contact hotline - 0169 4577 406:
Add : 73B Calmette District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone : 0169 4577 406 (Ms.Yen)
Website :

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